Categories, Fees & Entry

The following Categories will be available:

Please note that all age categories for the 2017/2018 CycloCross Series will fall in the 2018 UCI Calendar, therefore, will have age determined at 31st December 2018

NCXS (CX bike only)
Men Women
Elite Elite
Expert (19-29) Expert (19-29)
Junior (U15, U17 & U19) Junior (U15, U17 & U19)
Masters 1-10 Masters 1-10
Hand Up Class (non-NCXS) (can be raced on any bike)
Kids Categories (can be raced on a non-CX bike)
Kids (U13, U11)

Entry Fees are as follows:

NCXS Senior Categories $40 Per Day
Hand Up Class $30 Per Day
NCXS Junior (U15, U17, U19) $20 Per Day
Kids (U13, U11) $5 Per Day

Entry is now Open Online

Round 2

Round 3

Please be aware that for Elite (UCI) Categories, tire width must be 33mm or narrower and for all NCXS categories, a tire width no wider than 35mm is permitted.