Update regarding Schedule and Categories

Hand Up Class
To encourage as many people to attend the event and participate in the day’s racing, we have made adjustments to the schedule and introduced a new ‘Hand Up’ class. The Hand Up class allows riders who are not at the NCXS level to come and have a go at racing the course and CX in general. There is no restriction on bike, tire width or age in the Hand Up class and as an event aimed at participation over competition, we will have timed results and some random prize draws for riders, instead of a podium and medal.

Entry to the Hand Up Class is only $30 and will include a ‘beer voucher’ which can be redeemed at the bar after the race (only for those over 18).

Schedule Change – 
In order to accommodate the Hand Up Class, we have adjusted the start time of the ‘Premier Class’; Kids and Balance Bikes to 12:15, right before the Elite Women race wave. We have also now moved the Masters 5-8 Women to this 13:20 time slot to have all the Masters Women on course at the one time.
Check out the new schedule here.

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